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Bubble film machine (air cushion film machine), film blowing machine, bag making machine, film wrapping machine manufacturer Xinyi Machinery Thank you for your attention to every friend of Xinyi Machinery, because of your understanding, support and trust, Xinyi Machinery It has developed steadily and has been going through today. Xinyi Machinery will not be responsible for the quality, guarantee the perseverance, and realize the glory of the new era by industrial rejuvenation. We will always interpret our commitment with the spirit of seeking truth and innovation and pursuing excellence.

    We are scientifically managed and are gradually becoming the forefront of China's machinery manufacturing industry in terms of technology, scale and management, and strive to provide people with more convenient and more humanized products. We always abide by the core values of "integrity, unity, innovation, gratitude", starting from scratch, starting from ourselves to enhance our products and services, passing on value honor and trust to employees; and imparting equal cooperation and sincere reciprocity To the collaborators; to pass on the integrity, friendship, and true feelings to the society, to build a harmonious enterprise and society based on people, and to require our employees to always remember that "Today's quality is tomorrow's market, the market is like a battlefield, the fittest can survive; customers are our food and clothing. Parents, there are improvements every day, and there is improvement every day!

    We are willing to join hands with all our friends, unite and forge ahead, and create a better future!