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High-speed blown film machine is a high-tech product developed and designed

Time:2019/8/21Author:adminClick: 367
High-speed film blowing machine is suitable for blowing high-density polyethylene, low-density polyethylene and linear low-density polyethylene plastic film. It is widely used in the packaging of household goods and industrial products such as food, clothing, textiles, daily necessities, etc. Pearlescent film, degradable film, this machine is the most widely used machine on the market, and it is the first choice for the blown film factory. The high-speed blown film machine screw and barrel are made of 38CrMoAl alloy steel, which is made of nitriding treatment and precision machining. It has high hardness, strong corrosion resistance, durability, hard chrome plated die, and its structure is spiral mandrel. The molten material is uniform, the blown film has good surface finish, the structure of the air-cooled equipment is labyrinth type, the air is evenly distributed, the coiling equipment is selected by pressure conflict winding or center winding, and the torque motor is used for adjustment, the winding is smooth, and the roll changing is convenient. .

The rapid development of the economy, the development of the market, and the promotion of high-speed blown film machines produced by the high-speed blown film machine manufacturing industry, including high-speed film blowing machine, pe foam film high-speed film blowing machine, multi-layer composite high-speed film blowing machine, Color strip high speed film blowing machine, heat shrinkable film high speed film blowing machine and so on. High-end blown film quality has won the favor of high-end packaging. High-speed film blowing machine is one of the more excellent mechanical equipment in the industry, when soft packaging has gradually become the protagonist of food packaging materials. The quality of the high speed film blowing machine and the blown film technology determine the quality of the film forming. An outstanding high-speed blown film machine exhibits outstanding market adaptability in the process of producing film, improving production efficiency, providing convenience for people and promoting social harmony. Food packaging is the most popular area for film application, high-speed blowing The high-grade film blown out by the film machine can be used as a commodity packaging promotion to improve commercial value.

The high-speed blown film machine is plated with hard chrome, its structure is spiral mandrel type, the extruded molten material is uniform, the blown film has good surface finish, and the air-cooled equipment structure is labyrinth type, and the air is even. There are many types of high speed blown film machines, including PE, POF, PVC and so on. The new material is blown out with new particles, the color is called clean, and the bag is stretched well. High-speed blown film machine screw adopts the most advanced alloy spraying technology. It has higher hardness, better corrosion resistance and longer life. It is 2~3 times of nitriding screw life and large screw length to diameter ratio. Strong chemical ability, uniform temperature distribution, automatic temperature control, blown film, bright and uniform products, good function. The high-speed blown film machine is compact in structure, stable in operation, single-arm structure, economical and practical, and the traction equipment is integrated and can be adjusted and lifted.