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The difference between hot and cold cut in bag making machine

Time:2019/9/4Author:adminClick: 1426
Differences between hot and cold cuts in bag making machines
The difference between hot cut and cold cut in the large flat bag making machine is mainly due to the treatment of the last knife, which is attributed to one of the flying knife bag making machines.
Same point:
The eager and cold-cut flat-mouth bag making machines are all produced by using the barrel material. Before the bag is cut, there will be a heat sealing process, and the vest bag can be produced.
As the name suggests, the heat-sealing hot-cut bag making machine is first heat-sealed and then cut hot. The cut side is heat-sealed. The finished vest bag is equivalent to double insurance, because the general supermarket uses heat seals. An eager vest bag. It is a special machine for vest bags.

The heat-sealing cold-cut bag making machine first heats a knife and then cuts it with a cold knife. The cut edge is open. In addition to being used for vest bag production, the bag making machine replaces the double-line sealing knife with a single wire. The sealing knife can also be used for the production of flat pockets because its cut edges are open.
So, if you are specializing in supermarket shopping bags, you need to buy a heat-sealed hot-cut bag making machine + a punch.
If you want to diversify, you can consider the heat-sealing cold-cut bag making machine. In addition to the vest bag, you can also produce the outer bag of hardware and daily necessities - flat pockets.
In addition to these two machines, there is also a hot-cut side-sealing bag making machine. I saw that when a friend answered, they confused the two machines.