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How to debug the film winding machine

Time:2019/11/5Author:adminClick: 1438
The film wrapping machine is one of the indispensable packaging equipments in the company's remanufacturing packaging. The automatic film wrapping machine mainly wraps large-sized goods or relatively bulky goods to achieve dustproof, waterproof and fixed products. . Although the volume of the film wrapping machine is relatively large, the working principle of the film winding machine is relatively simple, and the operation is relatively simple. However, some of the film wrapping machines, the customer does not know how to operate when they first purchase, and some problems may occur. What problems often arise? How should we solve the problem again? Here is a brief introduction:
1. The new wrapping machine parameters are not set. After the film wrapping machine is purchased, we must first make certain settings according to the product parameters that we want to package. For example, according to how many layers of wrapping film the product is wound, running up and down several times, etc., this requires the customer to actually according to the actual product of the product. The situation is set, the customer can set it up after purchase, and the control panel can be opened.
2. Whether the wrapping film is fixed on the product. When winding the article, the wrapping film passes through the mold base, which is known to the customer, but the wrapping film is also fixed on the mold frame and then fixed on the winding material, so that when the mold frame rises or falls, the winding The film can be entangled in the product normally.
3. Whether to return to the original interface. There are many parameters on the control panel of the film wrapping machine that can be set, but does the user return the interface to the original interface after setting these parameters? If it is not returned to the original interface, the machine will default to the set state. It won't run automatically.
4. The newly purchased stretch film machine will definitely have different problems when it is used. If some suppliers have special technicians to provide on-site training, it will be much better, but the cost of on-site installation and commissioning is relatively high; If you do not go to the door to install and debug, the customer's own settings may be more troublesome.